Launching a New Aviation Venture By Sushmita Naha Dhar

Launching a New Aviation Venture

By  Sushmita Naha Dhar

We are thrilled to announce that Air Crew Aviation Pvt Ltd is going to launch a new Aviation Venture named It is a start-up promoted by a group of well-traveled Pilots, AMEs and Cabin Crew.

What is is going to be World’s first Aviation Start-up approved by the Government of India. Our Mission is to make the World’s biggest Civil Airplane Directory and there will be the basic info of the list of all Civil Aircrafts. Along with Apps, Book, Cafe as well. In a nutshell, is an Aviation  B2B Marketplace for all kind of Airplane Lovers in the world.

Why choose 

 There is no reason for not choosing It consists of Apps, Books, Cafes, and eBooks. Most importantly, this venture is very child friendly. In this venture, the kids will get to know about the World of Flights, they would be interested in a Pilot Career. There would be several Books that can attract a child to choose a career path of being a Pilot, AME or a Cabin Crew.

What Can you expect from and where would you get to see it?

This useful Avia Venture would be available in Cafes near all the Airports or at the Airports themselves. The AirCrews Aviation family is planning to make their Cafeterias all around the country. Most importantly, these Cafeterias would not be only Cafes, but they are going to be fully utilized by the parents and especially by the kids. There will be:

1.   Activities and content related to the study of a Flying Career: Parents are always worried about their kids’ lookout for things, and they want to keep their children entertained and engaged in something fruitful. In these cafes, the children will get to see the educational content such as choosing a career in aviation in an interesting method.

2. Virtual Tour: The children will get to see a few glimpses of the world with the help of the They will be excited to watch the world virtually.

3. Blogging Content: There would be engaging blogging content with which people can spend their time wisely.

4.  Creating an App: The team is going to launch a useful App that will be related to the Flying details. It could show different Airports, exact timing, and different amenities.

5.                        E-Books: is going to give you the pleasure of reading e-books. Books can be useful for every stage of people, be it youth or a parent or even a kid.

Sushmita Naha Dhar [Honors and MA  in English]

Author / CW / Blogger


No Wastage Policy: The main attraction is also a non-wastage program. The Team is going to focus on using some products which are recyclable, and they can also give jute bags to prevent Environmental pollution.

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