Be an Aviator Not a Pilot Captain Mohit and Madhu

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot  Captain Mohit and Captain Madhumita Gupta [Madhu]

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot is a story of Pilots in Aviation who are   unable to cope. Also Why Abroad Trained Pilots are better Aviator and Why FAA, CASA, CAAP, CAA are better Civil Aviation Organisations.

Characters : 

Pilot         : Captain Mohit Singh
Girl Friend   : Captain Madhumita Gupta [ Madhu ]
Father        : Captain Ravi An Airline Pilot and Father of Mohit
Places        : Banglore India
                Bengaluru International Airport
Flying Club [India ] :  Karnataka Flying Club
                        Bengaluru International Airport
Flight School :  American Eagle School of  Aviation Ottawa Flying Club
Chief Flight Instructor [ CFI ] :  Capt Richard
Flight Instructor.  :  James Golfin
Airlines : Air Canada
Captain Ravi Silva

Captain Robin Gupta :  Owner of the Ottawa Flying Club
                      ATPL from EASA Europe
Aircraft : Boeing B 747
Company :  Ottawa Air Cabs [ Air Taxi Charter  & Cargo

Capt. Mohit
As a Son of AirIndia Captain I was always surrounded by Airplanes, My  Story seeks out the special few who have answered the call of the skies, proud to be counted among those with the discipline, aptitude, and courage to become Pilot.

Life in hangars and homes, at Airport restaurants and on ramps, My Story tells the story of Flight in the words of Pilot. What it means to Fly An Airplane all alone for the first time on 1st Solo. What it means to Fly an Airplane for the last time. The easy rapport one can have with a person who is a complete stranger but just by sharing experience of Flying.

And the excitement that consumes Pilots at the opportunity to share this world of Aviation with non-Pilots, Airport communities, community leaders, and anyone  else who will listen a born Pilot.

My Story is a saga for anyone who has sat all alone in an Aircraft, firewalled the throttle, charged down the runway, and rotated. And especially for those  Who might if given the chance.

For most people,

the Sky is the limit.
For a Pilot,
the Sky is Home and
Airplane is Office.

This is the Story of the Journey home. A Pilot's Story.

I am a Pilot
When I was young, I never even imagined that someday I would simply be mad about Aircrafts and Flying. On my third birthday my dad asked me “what kind of Birthday cake you want” ?

My answer was so oblivious an Airplane Shaped Cake.

On my trip abroad, to Singapore, I bought the Observer's Book of Aircraft by William Green, this changed my world completely. It had all the different kinds of Aircrafts one could see at that time with their full specifications. The Book increased my vocabulary, I got to know technical details of various Aircrafts, their type, seating, power plant, cruising speed, armament, country of origin, dimensions, service ceiling, endurance, range, etc. I was amazed with Pilot's Career Guide by Capt Shekhar Gupta. 

Soon I was nicknamed Pilot by my friends, whenever they used to see any Aircraft, they used to enquire about it from me. I started to correctly recognize even the  Aircrafts which were Flying at very high altitudes. Even my ears got Trained for the slightest sound  which resembled the drone of an Aircraft engine. I could tell well in advance that whether the approaching Aircraft was a piston engine, a turboprop,  a Jet or a Chopper.

Just a single book changed my whole life, I became an Aviation enthusiast. Soon I  started to buy all the good books related to Aviation I could lay my hands on. By the time I reached the age of 18 years, that is the time I finished my schooling, I had a library, full of Books on Aircrafts and other related fields.

After passing my Schooling, the very next day my dad took me to the office  of the local Banglore Flying club and enrolled me as a Student Pilot.  

Within 14 months of my joining or after exactly 15 Hrs of Flying hrs on Pushpak MKI and Cessna 150 Airplane VT MPF, I was ready to go solo, all alone, no one would accompany me, it would be just me and my Cessna 152 Airplane.

Gliding, Flying free, like a Bird. I readied for the Flight, checked the elevator, Ailerons, rudder and Airbrakes, they were all working, checked the altimeter, variometer, slip-skid indicator, Pitot tube, Speedometer, they all seemed well.  Wow I am a Captain [ Commanding and Piloting Aviator In Navigation ] now.

Now I could call myself a Pilot, a real AVIATOR


But actual problem started after my 1st Solo. Now this is the time I realise why every Indian Pilot hates DGCA and Indian Officials. Now I was getting my Flights  once a week or twice a month, amplifying my frustration. After waiting for 17 months I got my Indian Private Pilot Certificate. Then I decided to continue my Training in USA.

Land in America

Capt Richard had tough time to get me back on right Flying, because of my different style and methods I had adopted while my Training in India.  Every day I was learning many new terms of Flying. James Golfin [ Jimmy ] was my Flight Instructor. Jimmy was a very cool Pilot so I was bit relaxed to learn Flying.


When I came back to India, we had no jobs available here, so again headed to my old Flying Club to join as Assistent Pilot Instructor under the same CFI. It became very difficult for me to cope with  Indian Flying style as it seemed very old fashioned.  Adjusting with Indian Flying culture I started teaching  Pilots in Indo - US style.  I was not at all happy with the culture but had no option, my frustration was increasing with every passing day.  But by seeing logbook getting hrs day by day ,  I started preparation for  ATPL and did cleared all my papers as well. Still I had about 1200Hrs, only 300hrs more to get an ATPL license.  Aviation is not so much a profession or a hobby as it is a disease.

Air India released advertisement for Trainee Co-Pilot for Boeing 737 Aircraft. I applied and left my API Job to prepare for my Air India exam.  Air India declared result after 9 months and by default I got no 1 position. Thanks to my wonderful US Flying Experience and awful Indian Assistent Flight Instructor's Experience. I always told my student Pilot, Learn from the mistakes of others -- you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.  But they were not much ready to listen me.

I met another Pilot Captain Madhumita Gupta [ Madhu ] at DGCA office. I was stunned to see her exceptionally fAir and pretty face . Though she looked sad. I felt a strong desire to talk to her. After starting a conversation I came to know that she has come for her Conversion from Canadian CPL into Indian DGCA CPL.She was trying to get it since last 4 months but all in vain. I helped her to get her license within 7 days with all formalities done. Of course that cost us only couple of bucks before we could get CPL in hand, but that was the culture Indian DGCA had. Madhu was so happy with her Pilot's License in hand, as she had lost all her hopes before. She got very happy and excited and kissed me in DGCA office itself.
To celebrate this, I Invited  Captain Madhumita [ Madhu ] at Hotel Taj for Candle light dinner,  we both were so eager that both of us reached Taj almost an hour before our schedule time. I proposed  Captain Madhumita just after the dinner, which  Madhu accepted immediately. This was most happening day for us and we both were in cloud nine.

Mohit Book a Room in Hotel Taj for 2 Days.  Next morning Madhumita woke up with a start, and found Mohit's arms still secure around her. Mohit was snoring loudly, which made Madhu wonder when had they drifted off to sleep. Madhu remembered Hugging Mohit Tight as they laid down, his chin resting on her head, a deafening silence veiling her inner turmoil. Turning her head up to look at him, Madhu realised that a big patch of his T-Shirt, soaked in tears, had clung on to her cheeks. Closing her eyes painfully shut, she took a deep breath. A fresh stream of tears escaped.

He shifted a bit in his sleep and she immediately held her breath, scared of waking him up. Counting backwards from ten, she tried to calm her shaking body. She hugged him tighter and felt him squeeze her in return, tightly, as if, as if, afraid of losing her. Deep in sleep, Mohit Kissed her on her head and mumbled,

“I will Miss you My Baby.

Time flown very fast and it was time for Madhu to get back to Canada, as her whole family lives in Canada, even she was born and brought up in Canada.  Her Dad had a small Flight school and a Air Charter Services at a Monatoba, north Canada,  which was not doing well due heavy Global Aviation Recession in Aviation. Captain Madhumita, was a CFI there but she wanted to Fly for an Airlines, which was bit difficult in Canada due to Global Recession, So she decided to get her Indian CPL.

AirIndia was suffering from heavy losses, So they cancelled further expansion plans and so no more hiring for Trainee Co-Pilot for Boeing 737 Aircraft.  I wanted 300 more Flying hours before I could apply for issue of Indian ATPL. So I decided to join one Indian Company Air Assam based out of Guwahati to Fly their King Air B 200.  Though was paid peanuts.

I join to get Flying hours. Was Flying with Wg. Cdr. Aman Sing who was an ex Air force Pilot,  No civil Aviation or International Aviation Exposure, but had a solid defense attitude problem like any other defense Pilot.  As soon as I got my 1510 hrs on the Logbook I left this job and reached again Indian DGCA with lot of documents and lot of bucks to be paid as and when required.  At any cost I wanted to get my ATPL issued asap. Met with Mr Rajan again who was the same tout at  DGCA who helped   Captain Madhumita  to get her Indian CPL. I paid him big amount then  usual bribe and  Rajan promised me to get my work in next 7 days. These 7 days were like 7 years for me. The only relief I had was skype and Black berry calls of Captain Madhumita [ Madhu ] as she was the only soul on the earth who could understand my situation.

Monday sharp 1000 hrs I was at DGCA looking for Mr Rajan, but he was not there till  1030, I made a call to him on his mobile which was coming switched off  and No reply at home landline, so I  reached DGCA reception, but my documents were not there. Receptionist was not ready to listen to me. I paid him big bucks, to get him ready to hear me.  After taking big bribe he opened his mouth and inform me that no file is there in Indian DGCA office even.  At 1300 hrs Rajan picked up his mobile phone and informed me that he is in Banglore due some important work and DGCA  has rejected his ATPL application as he needs minimum 1000hrs as PIC to get his ATPL issued. And if he needs his papers back he would needs to pay high sum of money to another DGCA agent Mr Kuldeep.I paid and got my original documents back. I thought At least I have  live Indian CPL in hand.

I felt very depressed and helpless with the situation,  Captain Madhumita invited me  at her Flight school to get Canadian ATPL. I immediately accepted the offer and made myself busy in doing all the preparation to reach Canada. Once completed with formalities I flown to Monterial with my Dad Captain Ravi who was in operation of same sector on Boeing 747.

In the Flight to Canada I was undergoing mix emotions of fear and excitement.  Yet, managed to keep my mind focused and kept reminding myself that whatever is happening in my life is happening for good.

All my worries vanished as I saw Captain Madhumita holding a board with the title “Captain Champ” written in it. Champ is what she calls me with love. I embraced her and realizing my father’s presence controlled my emotions. We went straight to her house. After food and taking rest, "Kiss Me, Hug me for five minutes and I will go." I said placing my head on her shoulders.
"Mom and Dad will be here anytime. I know you have met them but it does not mean you can sneak in like this when they are not here."
"One last kiss" I smiled.

We headed to the Flying club.

I liked the place the moment we entered the Flying club.

The big hall was flooded with Aircraft models. Charts, poster and moreover spacious hall.

When I saw the fleet of Aircraft, I felt as if I got back to life.

I was overjoyed and was thrilled to revive my previous Training days.
I was introduced with Capt Bob, who will be my new Flight Instructor. Because of high spirit and enthusiasm My Training went really at good pace with my stunning performance. In few weeks I felt as if I have become a new person with energy, focus and happiness. Flying became part of me. Moreover company of Madhumita added further wings. I was totally in love with her. We started remaining together for most of the time. I was free to express my affection for Madhu.

Madhu took me to all the exotic places of the city.

Initially I was shy as to show my affection to her in public. But she being rather bold never missed a chance to hug me, kiss me or rather dance in my arms in public. Her open affection made me also comfortable and we use to cuddle each other quite often in public. She soon became a non detachable part of me. It was not just her beauty, but her heart, understanding and love for Aircraft which made me crazy for her. Soon I got my ATPL issued in Canada. I was given offer of being Flight instructor there , I gave required exams  and started working there. Even with less number of students we were doing good. Later through an old friend of mine I heard about “Mission to Canada” campaign started by Canadian government. They had an amazing vision of providing low cost, but high standard Training.

Strictly following ATAC (Air Transport Association of Canada) , I was impressed by their plans, and made  an appointment and fixed our Flying Club under them. It was through their wonderful planning that we could receive good number of students
from India. Our students were happy as well with the timely and quality Training provided. Thanks to my previous experience in India I was able to understand their urgency and mindset.

Madhu’s father  Captain Robin Gupta was the owner of the Ottawa Flying Club. He was very happy with the development that his club made. Reading our mind and seeing us happy together he himself initiated and offered me proposal of wedding with Madhu.

I was Overjoyed.

I gave the news to my parents and they were joyous as well.

Having a person who understands you so well as a life partner was a present by god.
My parents wanted us to get married in India with full traditional style. Though Madhu had this wired fantasy of getting married in Air!! I came up with best planning. I said WILCO to both. Yes, we actually got married

Twice ! Although I m so happy now when I look back and recall our experiences.

Firstly we were married in Indian style. All Madhu’s relatives and friends joined us in India and we had a Beautiful and rather vibrant marriage.

Here in India wedding is a gigantic affAir. All immense colourful events and customs with Indian ethical wear did made us feel like King and Queen.
We both thoroughly enjoyed our wedding. Beside watching Madhu and her realtives in Indian attire was a pleasure to eyes.

After lengthy list of rituals and ceremonies in India and abundant of food , love and blessing we left back to Canada.

And yes this was the time to do the crazy thing.

Well we did not exactly got married in Air, actually we decorated the entire hanger and the ceremony was conducted there with our guest sitting right in front of us, our common favorite Aircraft PA-38 , Seneca was kept right behind us, beautifully decorated and yes we got married there , and Madhu Was in beautiful white gown beating any Hollywood actress.

But to keep Madhu happy , our first Kiss after marriage was kept for Flight in Seneca, thanks to Auto Pilot in the Instrument Panel.

Today after four years we run Two Flying Clubs which are doing great comprising of our own hand picked Aircraft fleet and master Trainers. I and Madhu are always Happy and bubbly and if anybody ask the Secret we tell them that we are always surrounded with something we are both are Passionate about.

We don’t Work but rather we Fly !

Within all of Us is a Varying Amount

of Space Lint and Star Dust
The Residue from Our Creation. 
Most are Too Busy to Notice it
and it is Stronger in Some than Others
It is Strongest in those of us
Who Fly and is responsible for
an unconscious, subtle desire
to slip into some wings
and try for the Elusive Boundaries


Capt. Ankisha Awasti Malhotra
IndiGo Airlines Ltd

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
Pilot / Co-Founder
AirCrews Aviation P Ltd

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Capt. Ankisha Blog

Capt. Shekhar Blog

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Every second for Cats, Dogs, Kids, Lights,
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The Way a Pilot Feels in Free Heaven 

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot is a story of Pilots in Aviation who are unable to cope. Also Why abroad Trained Pilots are better Aviator and Why FAA, CASA, CAAP, CAA are better civil Aviation Organisations.

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"I will miss you Potato." I made a sad face.
"Your puppy face does not work on me. I love you, now go!" She kissed my cheeks.

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