General Protocol & Tips To be Followed by the Co-Founders

General Protocol & Tips To be Followed 

by the 

Flight / Ground Instructor / Co-Founders

1. Please Maintain Professional Decorum during online working hours.  Your Friends and Family members are NOT allowed to Interfear in our day to day working. We do not need any Advice from any Outsider as of now. 
2. Everyone should have a Digi Signature and Digital vCard with updated Social Media.
3. All the Co-Founders are expected to wear the company’s T-shirt during sessions and in other company-related meetings.
4. Everyone must have their Id cards handy while taking sessions.
5. Inform the management beforehand about the plans and other details related to the next session (one week before the scheduled session).
6. Kindly adhere to the deadlines and submit your task before the Session.
7. At the initial stage, fewer students (max 4-5) will be attending the sessions to give a better understanding of the program.
8. All the ideas for making the sessions productive are welcome; you can plan it according to your will.
9. The Primary Mode of Communication [MOC] will be WhatsApp only, and there may be video calls in some cases. 
10. While communicating, make use of Professional Aviation Language and Terminology.
11. Maintain a good peer relationship.
12. No leakage of Confidential Information will be tolerated; else, your agreement will be subject to cancellation or legal action, or both.
13. Use 1st Name to call Team Members. Avoid Sir/ Ma'am 
14. Please Inform us in Advance in case of any Emergency.
15. All Training must be conducted only on AirCrews Zoom Platform [Not on any free unsecured platform] 
16. Due to Covid19 Anxiety, Depression and Frustration level is very high among all, please deal every one with Empathy and Care.

17. As we all know Due to Covid19 Aviation Industry is not going thru good Phase now, Please do not MisGuide / MisLead and Cheat any Student or Parent with any false Information, please deal every one with Empathy and Care.
18. Avoid Communication Gap and use WhatsApp as much as possible.
19. ACAPL is India's 1st and Only Aviation PPM Start-Up recognized by the Govt Of India, So we all need to adhere and follow all PPM Protocols.
20.  Pilot's who are not in any hurry to start Only Need to join this Start-Up as it may take little time to Take Off. 

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