#Job Roles and Responsibility of a Ground Staff in an Airline Afreen Islam [MBA IIM-s] Manager HR [ Internship Incharge] AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.


#Job Roles and Responsibility of a Ground Staff in an Airline

Afreen Islam  

Ground Staff Responsibilities:

Greeting and welcoming Passengers, and responding to Questions.

Checking in Baggage.

Making Reservations.

Selling Airline Tickets.

Stocking Aircraft with Refreshments.

Cleaning Aircraft after Flights.

Assisting disabled passengers and those with small children.

A ground staff performs various roles and responsibilities at the Airports. The various roles and responsibilities that they perform includes:

1. Manning the check-in counters that serve departing passengers, checking the passengers in for their flights, redirecting or rebooking customers whose flights have either been delayed or cancelled, and giving updates to passengers who are waiting in the lobbies.

2. Manning the arrival and departure gates, attending to customers before they board, after they land, or when they are switching between flights.

3. Performing cabin services to ensure that passengers are comfortable during their flights. Cabin services include cleaning and restocking the planes before the passengers can board them.

4. Issuing tickets to various passengers.

5. Assisting various passengers by answering questions, providing directions, or attending to their other needs. It also includes helping passengers with inquiries about delayed or lost baggage.

6. Taking reservations from passengers who call in for tickets.

7. Assisting passengers with luggage check-ins at the ticket counter.

8. Making sure that all baggage is delivered.

9. Confirming the identities of passengers, and providing them with boarding passes.

10. In some cases, ground staff may be responsible for screening passengers and their luggage for security purposes.

11. Giving special assistance to disabled passengers. Outside the terminal, the ground staff is responsible for:

a) Loading and unloading bags and other luggage to and from the plane.

b) Helping passengers and the flight crew to get on and off the plane by providing the stAirs.

c) Indicating to the pilots which taxi spots they should use after the plane has landed.

Ground Staff Qualification
You must have completed 12th from any recognised board for a job as ground staff. Candidates who have a Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training or Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training may  be given preference for this profile.
Ground staff jobs at airport can vary if you are working directly with the airline or any ground handling agency.
The minimum qualifications required to become a ground staff includes
Age criteria ( Must be 18 years or above )
HSC i.e 10 +2
Must be to read and understand English
Must have a valid passport or police verification in some cases for Airport Entry Permit.

Afreen Islam  [MBA IIM-s]

Manager HR [ Internship Incharge]

AirCrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.



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#Job Roles and Responsibility of a Ground Staff in an Airline