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An Ideal Book for Management Students and Professionals by

Upcoming Books On Management  


#Be A Successful MBA,

#I Am Happy You Are Happy,

#Happiness and Motivation for Management Students and Professionals

#Magic Of  Dream Big , for Management Students and Professionals

#Personal Management : 

Tasks, Goals,  Responsibilities, Practices, Success, 

#How TO Win  Friends AND Influence People Around,

#What Business  Management IS, 

#Are Happy Managers  Are More Productive,

#Productivity Speed and Relevancy,

#Becoming  A Big Business Leader, 

#Modern Organization Behaviour,

#Time Management for  Management Students and Professionals, 

#Be A Successful MBA Blogger,

#Top Travel Destinations of India 

Author : Capt Shekhar Gupta 

MRP :   USD $ 19.99 or  INR  1,499.00  Only 

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Co-Authoring a Book At

1. VALUE: Potentially, you can write a better Book that provides more value, wisdom, expertise, fun, accessibility, real-life examples,  etc. for readers.

2. CREDS: The Book will have more credibility As  your Co-Author possesses the expertise you may lack.

3. TIME SAVINGS: You have less to write.  Only Need to  Add few value Additions needed.

4. PROMOTION AND SALES: Additional authors can provide more man- or woman-power to promote the Book and reach more people. 

5. CONNECTIONS: Your Co-Author may also provide connections that you do not have. 

6. RELATIONSHIPS: When our Book came out, Online / Offline Book stores would stock the Book due to relationships your Co-Author may have that can help the Book, but this is something to consider.

7. SUPPORT: It can be motivating to work with a Co-Author. You can finish the Book faster and more efficiently. You can help each other get past any blocks.

8. All contribution is done by 325 MBA Students from 65 different Universities of India and abroad under the guidance of Capt Shekhar Gupta, CEO and Prof Rikkee Mishra, Director AIBA. 

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