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International Faculty Development Program 
17/18/19Aug 2020
International MBA Club Of Asia  
Alfa Business Centre for Development 
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August  17/18/19,   2020  
1500Hrs to 15:40Hrs  IST ( Time zone in India)
3 Days 
International Faculty Development Program
New #Normal After #CoVid19 @Social Media 
Faculty @Linkedin @Twitter @Instagram

Day 001 : Social Network Approach  @Linkedin 
Day 002 : Social Network Approach  @Twitter  
Day 003 : Social Network Approach  @Instagram

Duration : 40 Minutes Per Webinar :-) 

Who Can Join :  
Faculty from  Indian IIT / IIM / Engineering / Management College
Department : Aviation / Business Analyst /Content Writing / Development / Digi Marketing / Event Management / HR / Psychology / Marketing / Finance / eComm / Mass Com / Foreign Trade / Media

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Fees : Rs 299 Only [ For E-Certificates ] 
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International Faculty Development Program  
[17/18/19 Aug  2020]
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Social Media Research Seminar Series 2020-21
Social Media Research Seminar Series 2020-21 A virtual research seminar series from ABCD Centre for Management of ABCD Abstracts for upcoming talks are now live!

3 Days Workshop on Social Media Network Approach to Organization / Management Research on Aug  17/18/19,   2020
Overview: Social network approach is increasingly being used across various disciplines such as organizational studies, management, business, sociology, political science, communications, physics, computational biology, medical chemistry etc. Research studies that leverage network approaches to social, management, and business phenomena are increasing in social sciences including management and organization research.  In this workshop we will learn …

About how these social medias are important for our profession, how to use them .
Social networks are empowering students and educational institutions with opportunities to improve teaching-learning process. These platforms offer valuable resource material for enriching knowledge base.
Social media is also a medium where students can establish beneficial connections for their careers. As an educational institution, it is crucial to be active in many social platforms possible, this helps create better student engagement strategies and makes learning more interactive and inclusive. Now days students prefer to get information in social media like LinkedIn, Instagram ,  Facebook and twitter that are related to their study and career .Professors can use their Twitter, Instagram Facebook handles or even messaging services such as WhatsApp to hold live sessions, offer extended support to students thereby enhancing the scope of learning beyond classroom. They can organize discussions related to their subjects or class assignments on social media platforms.  Social media therefore helps both teachers and students to remain connected off campus. Even it would be helpful for New Education Policy.