Corporate Fiction Aviation Game


Air Aviator In Association with


A Motivational Corporate Fiction Aviation Game 
Based On a New Airlines In USA 
[For Aviation,  B Tech, BBA, MBA, MCA  Students ]
You are a Founder / Director of a 
New Imaginary 
Dream Airlines of USA
Make an Airlines Business Plan with a Team
Think Big
Think Out Of The Box
Open Your  Dreams and Be Part of that Project 
Board Of Directors  
[ Co-Founders]   
#Director  Operations
#Director  HR
#Director of Marketing
#Director  Training
#Director  FinTech
#Chief Pilot
·        Learning attitude
·        Proactively stay out ahead of technology and trends
·        People management
·        Work From Home 

Gender/ Age
·        Female/20-35 years
No of Players 
·        Min 4 -  Max 20  
Mentors :
          2-5 from Aviation Industry
Platform :
          WhatsApp Only
Charges / Fees  [Per Team]
·        USD $ 1000 For [US, CA, UK, NZ, AU]
·        USD $ 200 For [Asians Countries]
·        INR  10000 For [India]
1st Come 1st Serve Basis Do it fast 

Task Your Dream Team will do:
ü Make an Airlines Business Plan with Team  
ü Board Meeting
ü Meeting Agenda
ü Name of Dream Airline 

ü Address
ü Email Ids
ü Logo
ü Tag Line
ü Order Plan
ü Training Plan
ü Documents
ü Air Charter Business Plan  

ü Airline Marketing plan Sample
ü Airline Business models
ü Market analysis for Airlines
ü Marketing Strategy for Airlines
ü How to start a small Airline company in USA and Canada
ü Cargo Airline Business plan in the USA  
ü Corporate Aviation Proposal
ü Aircraft maintenance Business plan
ü Aviation Business plan examples
ü Air cargo Business plan
ü Airplane rental company
ü FBO Business plan
ü Airline start-up costs
ü Business plan sample
ü How to start an Airline docs
ü Starting an Airline charter Business
ü How much does it cost to start an Airline
ü Starting an Airline Business
What Teams will Learn
Successful  Airlines  Startupbegin with a sound Business Plan. 
This detailed Airlines Business Planning document typically includes:
Analysis of the Airlines Market and Competition
Airlines Brand positioning
Description of the Airlines Business and opportunity
Details about the Airlines Operation
Management team biographies
Discussion of Airlines Risks and Obstacles
Pro forma Financial Statements/Projections
Airlines Capitalization plan
Brand Development
Airlines Implementation Strategy.
The Structural Plan
The Airline Planning Roadmap 
offers a conceptual sense of the necessary steps in launching an Airline from an Idea through launch.
Business Plan Questions 
Provides a list of important questions to consider when writing the business plan.
Brand Foundation Overview   provides a list of steps to take to position your emerging brand based on your market analysis and a need to differentiate from existing competitors in whole United State of America and Canada
Structuring the Plan
The Airline Business Plan Outline   is a tool for capturing many of the important elements for successfully starting and operating an Airline. While it is not a comprehensive structure for all Airline concepts, it can serve as a starting framework for a Business Plan.
Note for the Dream Team:
·        Its going to be a learning experience for all.
·        Team members will not be given worksheets during the project.
·        Frequent WhatsApp Meet [WAMeet]  will be held and will discuss the above topics.
·        There will be a separate whatsapp group for Dream Team members.
·        Even if you are not an Aviation person, don’t worry. There will be 2-3 Invisible Mentors during the project.
·        Last but not the least; it is going to be a very fun yet knowledgeable, practical, motivating project. We urge you all to actively participate in it. It will definitely add value to you.
·        The game is nothing but establishing a virtual Dream Company, it will go on for about a week or So. 
·        It is not mandatory but an optional thing.
·        At the end We want to say, People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. We are looking forward to play this game with you all and learn a lot, kindly come forward and give your names. 
Game Protocols
General Protocol to be followed by the board members during the entire period of the Motivational Corporate Fiction Aviation Game :
1. The CEO of the company has the rights to allocate work to all the board members according to her choice. 
( She is responsible for getting the work done as well) 
2. One meeting should not exceed more than 15-20 minutes. 
3. It is good to have some review meetings in between to keep a track on the flow of the work. 
4. Every board member needs to send minutes of the meeting noted on their notes pads to the mentors on everyday basis. ( Only the final report will be sent in Word / PPT / PDF Formats) 
5. Please make sure to use Corporate Language during the meeting, this will help us all to build a stronger image for future job roles. 
6. Make sure to ask about your job to the person concerned a day before and not at the last moment. 
7. Meetings can be Postponed if needed but when the meetings take place all your work should be ready before you. 
8. You may Create an unofficial Whatsapp group only of the board members if needed for reducing communication gaps. 
9. Kindly note that every thing that is discussed in the official group will be recorded so be precise. 
10. Make sure to get your speeches or certain work reviewed via your mentors before submitting it.  
11. You have all the freedom to make mistakes as no one is a trained personnel but that very mistake can be made only once and hence learn from it to avoid it in future.
12. All Mentors are Invisible Authority to Create Problems and Also for Solutions as well.  Feel Free to Call / Ping Your Mentors on PM only. 
13. WhatsApp Group is Only for Meeting Info and Board of Director's Meet.
Rest of the time It will Activate "Admin Only" Mode.
14. Kindly maintain the Dignity of the Post and Organisation. 
15. No Word File / PDF / Excell etc are allowed to share directly in the group.
16. Only Approved Links can be share in group. 
17. All Work must be done on NOTEPAD only and share thru CEO only. 
18. CEO will Submit Only Final Report in Word / PPT as per guidelines.  Certificate of Participation at the end of the Game to all Team members. 

Feedback from a Team

We are going to start Next Game Soon 

+91 9977513452

Sample Airlines Team 

Disclaimer  :

Note : This is just an Aviation  Fictional Corporate Game not a Real One . As an MBA students Interns are playing different Roles Play. 

See this Video for more Info

Disclaimer  :
Note : This is just an Aviation  Fictional Corporate Game not a Real One. As MBA students Interns are playing different Roles Play.  IMA is no more an Organisor of this Game. 


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