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Social Media Marketing Summer Internship 2020

Due to situation of covid 19, internships of the students have been canceled. Students are very nervous and they have worked really hard to get that one internship. Months of preparation of GDs, interviews and online aptitude tests, just to get that one internship that would shine bright on their CV. What happened isn’t really fair and is very bad. Many companies are coming up with virtual internships, but is it worth to invest time in them?

Proposed Solution
The only solution in this scenario is Virtual Internship as like this, learning will also continue and guidelines of government i.e. social distancing will also be followed. 
Format of internship can be giving daily tasks, follow up and having close supervision but in a very polite manner. Next, arises the question of sample problem statements, so I would like to say that it should be given on the basis of their interests. Domain knowledge should be aligned with the organisation goal.
As mentioned before, for the purpose of monitoring, close supervision and follow up should be done. No, group projects will not be considered as it is a remote internship and group meetings and projects does not make any sense; rather they invite wastage of time.

· Learning will continue, it will not stop because of corona virus.
· Interns will be in a comfortable setting, hence productivity will increase.
· Time management will be there.
· Virtual internships provide an opportunity to expand an interns knowledge with respect to technology.
· Intern can avoid the hassle of a commute, without having to move another state or city.

Potential obstacles
· Lack of customer service skills.
· In a few internships, you need face to face interaction.
· Working remotely can be challenging if and when you need assistance with a project.
· Lack of professional skills as there is no proper corporate set up.

What You will Learn in this Internship 

M 01 : Digital Marketing Fundamentals 
M 02 : Website Planning and Structure 
M 03:Facebook Marketing for Business
M 04 : Google AdWords and PPC @ 
M 05 : YouTube and Video Marketing 
M 06 : E-mail Marketing for Business 
M 07 : Google Plus for Business 
M 08: LinkedIn and Twitter Marketing 
M 09:  Google Analytics and Webmaster
             90 % Case Studies and Practical Assignments

Duration :  6 Weeks  45 Days [ 5 Days a Week ]

Fees :   INR  5000 / USD $100 Only Per Intern 
Certificate  :  Certificate will provide after completing the course


Yashi Julka [MBA HR]
Manager HR [Incharge internship]
Aircrews Aviation Pvt Ltd
+91 7017743358