Aviation Industry Amidst Covid-19

Aviation Industry Amidst Covid-19
               -          Debasmita Das

Global passenger traffic grew by just over 1.9 per cent in January 2020, down from 4.9 per cent a month prior. The industry’s 12-month rolling average reached an increase of 2.9 per cent, temporarily propped up by the middling growth observed in 2019.
The Asia-Pacific region was already showing the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in January, declining by 1.8 per cent due to a significant shift in domestic traffic (3.6 per cent).
The data results for the freight industry showed a decline by 4.4 per cent for the month as compared to January 2019. Preliminary figures for 2019 show a decline of 2.5 per cent for the year. ACI said it can expect that the disruptions in supply chains and the shock to the global economy precipitated by the reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, will cause an even greater decline. The market’s 12-month rolling average stood at three per cent decline in January, with an unprecedented and difficult period ahead, it said.
“Airport operators are prioritising the health of passengers and staff first and foremost and, while it is hoped that the global health crisis will recede well before the year ends, it is possible that the economic impact could persist into 2021,” Gittens continued. “The financial cost to the global industry in 2020 is rapidly growing. This is a fast-moving and ever-changing crisis and governments must act decisively and quickly.
“ACI World urges the aviation industry and governments to come together to ensure the impact is borne equitably and solutions are fair and reasonable so as to provide the greatest impetus for a swift and balanced recovery.” ACI collects and analyses data from a significant sample of airports that provide regular reports on month-by-month passenger and air freight statistics.
The global aviation sector was immediately affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Airports Council International (ACI) said on Wednesday. "World’s monthly global traffic statistics for January show the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak had a rapid effect on passenger traffic, particularly in Asia-Pacific," it said in a press release.
The world's air passenger traffic posted a 1.9% growth in January annually, while it rose 4.9% in the previous month, the ACI, a non-profit organization representing the world's airports, noted. It added: "The industry’s 12-month rolling average reached +2.9%, temporarily propped up by the middling growth observed in 2019."
It also said the Asia-Pacific region recorded 1.8% decline in January due to a shape dropping in its domestic air traffic by 3.6%. The freight industry narrowed 4.4% in the first month of 2020 versus January 2019, it said.
“These figures show that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on aviation was rapid, especially in the Asia-Pacific region,” Angela Gittens, the head of the ACI, said.
After first appearing in Wuhan, China last December, the novel coronavirus has spread to at least 171 countries and territories. The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak a pandemic.
The number of confirmed cases worldwide has now surpassed 438,500 while the death toll is over 19,500 and more than 111,500 have recovered. Despite the rising number of cases, most who contract the virus suffer only mild symptoms before making a recovery.

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