Aircraft Airbrush Art-liveries

Hey Capt Shekhar, To entertain in these heavy days a bit I assembled a few unique Aircraft Airbrush Art-liveries we did worldwide for airlines like: Qatar Airways, Rossiya Airlines, Westjet, Etihad, Alaska Airlines, Latam, all Brussels Airlines special liveries . . . Have fun by watching our artwork. Take care and stay healthy - always đŸ˜‰ Cheers AndrĂ© Here some Airbrush Art paint jobs we executed a while ago: This B777 with the FCB design we did for Qatar Airways in Dublin:

 and also in Dublin 4 years later the same aircraft with the new FIFA Design:

For Rossiya Airlines we made the most photographed aircraft ever the B747 “Tiger-face” in Rome

and the B777 “Leopards-face” in Ulyanovsk

 These 2 video-links show a few G550 design livery samples:

Your thoughts as a professional aviation expert about my artwork and ideas is very important to me. 
Please gimme a short feedback. Here I show You a Global 6000 with an Aircraft Airbrush Art livery painting we made 2 years ago in the facility of Bombardier in Tucson.
The videos show our range from creating the first idea in 3D graphics and animations - 3D feasibility study up to the final airbrush art paint job execution.

Please feel free to share these links to Your community.

Aircraft livery art Painting