FAQ Alfa Jungle Retreat

Q. What is Alfa Jungle Retreat?
A. Alfa Jungle Retreat is a one stop provider for all the Travel Bookings for our Guests who wish to visit the National Parks of India. We deal with the exclusive Resorts all over India with excellent customer satisfaction where we can send our Privilege guests who like to get connected with wild life , Nature and National sanctuaries to make their stay more memorable.

Alfa Tours and Travels is committed to making a difference in the world that its Guests travel to, whether on business, on holiday or on a Group tour. Our primary aim is to provide quality travel services to business and leisure travelers at one place.  Supported by strong financial management, impressive customer satisfaction and constant improvement, Alfa Tours and Travels has expanded to cover various facets of the travel industry. We have successfully launched our Pilot Project in Satpura Jungle Retreat and received a tremendous success rate over an year. 

Our Advantage :
  • Experienced Management Team.
  • In-depth knowledge of region's travel needs.
  • widely and closely networked with trade, corporate and diplomatic community.
  • One Stop Shop to provide all services to customers and travel community.
  • Excellent relations with the National Airlines , Civil Aviation and Airport Authorities. 
We label ourselves as leading, innovative and highly efficient and look forward to demonstrate these qualities at the earliest possible chance. If interested in joining hands with Alfa Tours and Travels, we look forward for a positive response from your end. This union will not only publicise and promote the Resorts but will also improve the pre arrangements of travel for the Guests.

Q. Where it is Located ?
A. Its a Online Travel Agency.  We have many Resorts in different Tiger Parks. 

Q. Who is the Founder / Co Founders  of Alfa Tours & Travels ?
A. Capt Shekhar Gupta (Indore) CEO of Aircrews Aviation (P)ltd and a Co-Founder of Alfa Tours and Travels.
    Ms. Vandika Lamba ( Delhi) Ex Jet  Airways employee and  a Co-Founder of Alfa Tours and Travels. 
    Ms. Barkha Nagee (Mumbai )  Ex Jet  Airways employee and  a Co-Founder of Alfa Tours and Travels. 

Q. Is Alfa Bloggers is a part of Alfa Tours & Travels ?
A. YES. The Best Bloggers Team Of Asia Best Source For Blogs, Bloggers,  Blogposts The purpose of www.AlfaBloggers.com is for Social Media Entrepreneurs to find Support in Starting their own Blog / VLog based product lines, and To bring Social Media People together to help Create New, Innovative Products into our  Blog based Marketplace. Best Traffic Source For Blogs, Bloggers,  Blogposts In Asia.

Q. Why Marketing Managers ?
A. Every company needs a team of professionals who tend to get business for the profitability of the company. Likewise, Alfa Tours and Travels intends to work with a team of qualified, experienced and skilled members to enhance their skills and knowledge and would play a vital role in company's Growth.

Q. Why Product Training?
A. Every candidate needs to go thru an online Training for the Basics so they will be trained professionally to work as Marketing Managers. 

Q. How I need to do Marketing?
A. You will be required to expand /, Promote and share our company's advertisements to grasp a good amount of Business for Alfa Jungle Retreat.
You can promote on social web-pages created by Alfa Jungle Retreat using your official ids only.
You can promote joining Travel Groups online.
You can promote by contacting schools, Ladies Groups and Youth organisations.

Q. How I will be recognized as a Marketing Manager with Alfa Tours & Travels?
A. You will be provided with an Offer letter from Alfa Tours and Travels.
    You official Emails, webpages and Links will be created by Alfa Tours & Travels. 

Q. Why Only Females ?
A. Alfa Jungle Retreat encourages and Empower Women to come forward and be a part of this because there has been number of females who were very skilled and experienced and left jobs due unavoidable circumstances/Family Issues etc. Alfa Jungle Retreat gives platform to those females to show their left behind skills and experience by working at their own comfort. We provide one of the best Work From Home Ventures. 

Q. Will there be any Offer letter issued for Marketing Managers ?
A. YES. We wont let your work with Alfa Tours and Tours go on a toss. You will be provided with an Offer Letter after a successful phase of Training.

Q. How much will be the pay-scale ?
A. A Minimum of 10% per Booking.

Q. How I will be Paid ?
A. You will be paid thru Paytm or Google Pay.

Thanks & Regards

Vandika Lamba
Alfa Tours And Travels
New Delhi - 110034 India
+91 9 71 71 54 818 office

Follow us on :
Instagram: vandika.alfatravel

Alfa Bizz Corp [ABC ] Services

An Exhilaration to Smart Tech Savvy Woman

Alfa Bizz Corp [ABC ] Services
An Exhilaration to Smart Tech Savvy Woman
Alfa Bizz Corp [ ABC ] business is a Corporate Partnership of smart, educated and techno-savvy woman who can “Think Out of the Box” and wish to join the premier organization in the field of Aviation, Art, Book Writing, Blogging, Cabs, Career Guidance, Development [Apps and Blogs] Education, FinTech, Forex, Guiding [ Local / Online ] Tours and Travels, Mystery Shopping and much more. It’s an Android Mobile App and Blog Based service for Female Business Owners and operated by AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. The Alfa Bizz Corp network is launched in June 2019 as a way of giving Female Business owners more control of what shows in the Online Search Results when someone searches a Given Business Category or Name. Alfa Bizz Corp is a New Gen Low Cost, No Frill Win-Win Business concept diversified into many different verticals. Our Well-placed Entrepreneurs in the world and we are characterized by an emphasis on Integrity, and a straight forward and practical business styles.
25 Odd Start-Ups
Alfa Bizz is a rapidly growing organization with around 60 Odd Start Ups. We are into Global Aviation Training And Support, Bloggers Commodity, Travels, App, Import / Export, Market Research and Product Launch, Introductions to Joint Venture Partners, Online Shopping, FinTech, Forex, Mystery Shopping and much more. We also provide Management Internship for IIT, IIM and MBA Students.
Ventures :
Unique way of doing Business
· “Woman empowerment” motto of Alfa Bizz Corp itself depicts its uniqueness. Alfa Bizz believes that women have always been multi talented, multi faceted and multi tasked. Though the world delayed in accepting her calibres, she excelled in every aspect of life. Hence Alfa Bizz has portrayed its entire associated business woman in a inspiring manner. Check out the link:
Portrait of Business Woman
Alfa Bizz do understand the dilemma of women’s mind who being mother wish to spend some quality time with their kids. Most of the women after pursuing their dream education and career take a break to look after their families, but at the same time they want to cater to their intellectual needs as well. Here comes Alfa Bizz with just amazing solution of work at home online. That’s how women feel really confident and empowered through utilizing their potentials and simultaneously can balance well between a 'Mom oriented' Family and self oriented career Women.
Alfa Bizz work culture is quite different from others. You must have wondered for a dream job like where you can work as per your time convenience without a gazing deadline’s hammer over your head. Here you can work without getting over stressed and earn handsome income as per the amount of work completion.
Work will be of your choice. Suppose you have chosen to be a content writer, you are free to choose from motivational topics, current affairs or fiction based etc. or else you yourself can suggest a good topic you want to write on. As Alfa Bizz believes in thinking that writer can feel like writing even at midnight 2:00pm or choose not to write even for a week. According to us writer should not be bounded with deadline. That’s how writer will be able to write something different. It is applicable for all kind of work you choose to work with us.
Kind of Work done by Alfa Bizz
1. Blogging/Content writing:
Alfa Bizz provides an opportunity to new and fresh, smart, creative, innovative and Tech Savvy Graduate Females who wants to share their knowledge as Blogger /Content Writer. Blogs are followed by different Students / Youth and Pilots mostly. For more details you can go through below link:
Alfa Bizz’s venture Alfa Bloggers is an App and Blog based Start up. The purpose of Alfa Bloggers is for Social Media Entrepreneurs to find support in starting their own Blog / VLog based product lines, and to bring social media people together to help create new, innovative Products into our blog based marketplace. It’s a best traffic source for Blogs, Bloggers, and Blogposts in Asia.
2. Career Counsellor:
Alfa Bizz offers you to set up your own dedicated online career counselling platform. It is a fastest growing highly profitable business in India. It offers you to create your own branding and customization along with International Level Certification. Alfa Bizz will provide you complete Career Counselling Training with Support.
This will help students to choose their career so that they can be great doctors, great engineers, great pilots and other great professionals tomorrow. Abroad study guidance is also quite demanding in a profession of career counsellor these days.
3. Work at Home :
If you are keen to learn Online Android App Based Businesses or ready to learn something very different kind of “Think Out of the Box Work”, Alfa Bizz offers you work at Home packages as per your need, qualification, requirements and availability. Choose the best as suitable for you. It has various types of online trainings packages.
Free Trainings-Fixed Income- Package1, Package2(Minimum Graduate),Package3(PG)
Paid Trainings with Investments-Package4, Package5, Package6 (Minimum PG required for all packages)
Detailed information of all packages is available in the below link:
Alfa Bizz’s venture Flying-Crews is an Aviation Blog which contains information on various Airlines, Jobs for Pilots and Flight Attendants / Cabin Crew, Interview tips, latest aviation news and the lifestyle of an Airline Crew.
4.Blogging Training courses for beginners:
It doesn't matter if you write the most amazing content on the internet; if you do not have eyeballs on it your message will be lost. A Successful blogger means for Alfa Bizz is that you have a lot of traffic to your blog post which is what you must focus on. You will slowly gain Traction Building Traffic and these are the things that you will find have helped tremendously getting here. This online training programme run by experienced professionals in this domain may help the beginners to understand the actual business.Detailed information to enroll into training course is available in the below link.
Along with online training Alfa Bizz also provides direct classes in their headquarter Indore. Check the below link.
url:Alfa Blogging Training Course In Indore for Beginners
5.Entrepreneurs Start-Up Promotion package:
Alfa Bizz Corp has come up with an encouraging opportunity for extraordinary female entrepreneurs who want to come up with a Start Up. They have designed a promotion package which includes Android App development, digital marketing/social media promotion, hosting support, tech support, business card and many more things to promote your start Up business. For more details, visit the following link.
6 Digital Marketing :
Alfa Bizz provides Professional Complete Digital Marketing Courses which include Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Website Planning and Structure, Facebook Marketing for Business, Google AdWords and PPC 0, YouTube and Video Marketing, E-mail Marketing for Business, LinkedIn and Twitter Marketing, Search Engine optimization (SEO ), Affiliate Marketing & Google AdSense and much more. Along with the professional courses they also offer a certification level course and basic courses. This is a very good opportunity ideal for Artist, Air Hostess, Banker, CA, CS, Doctor, Engineer, Pilot and Teachers and Single Moms in Blogging. They can earn in lakhs per month. For more details, visit the following link.
url :  
Alfa Bizz’s venture AeroSoft Corp is the best aviation SEO and KPO Services in Asia. It provides Virtual HR Assistant Services
Did you get enough zeal now to reveal your outstanding potential without running away from your family responsibilities? Come On, It’s time to show your multi-tasking talent to the world. Stop living in guilt for your un-utilized technical skills. Do utilize your hard work done in your education. Grab our bodacious opportunity and feel the difference in your confidence level.
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John Doe

Pilot's Career Guide

by Capt Shekhar Gupta and Niriha Khajanchi | 1 January 2017


₹649 ₹899 Save ₹250 (28%)

Get it by Tomorrow, May 24
FREE Delivery by Amazon
Kindle Edition