Preeti Tanwar

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Preeti like her name’s meaning considers Love, Satisfaction and Happiness as Topmost Priority in Life. She is from the city of fashion and delicious food i.e. Delhi. In spite of born and brought up in Delhi, she is bit untouched from the glamour world and believes in confident natural looks. She loves to explore new places to have taste buds of their local traditional food. 
Her love for food dwells her to experiment with the new dishes.

Being from Engineer’s genealogy, she excelled in her academics with many awards and finally completed her B. Tech in Electronics and Communication from I. P University, Delhi. She had always dreamed of becoming self-dependent. She always believes in spending her own hard-earned money rather than enjoying parent’s luxury. After her Campus placement, she moved to Bangalore to enhance her insight in the new corporate world. This Bangalore tenure made her mature enough to tackle life’s tough situations alone. Being a girl child she wanted to be an example in front of society that girls are never burdened. Her aspirations to be on top got fulfilled and she was working on a high package job. She has worked with various MNC’s like Wipro, Synopsys etc and got recognized with many awards and certifications.

She believes in enjoying all the phases of life to the fullest as each phase plays a vital role in improving a person’s ability to think beyond their comfort zone. Married to the first love of her life, she is living happily after. On a valentine day, she got blessed with a cute little baby. Learning from the patience tester phase i.e. motherhood, she wants to expand her narrow vision toward life into a broader one.

Entering into the mature age of 30’s, she wants to listen to her heart and pursue a carrier which can give her reliable happiness and peace. She wants to pen down her self-realized feelings and life learned lessons. Amid peace and green lavish nature she wants to sit and just write. She doesn’t want to run in a rat race working on hectic work schedules and deadlines. She is looking forward to working smartly maintaining a good work-life balance. 

She is working as a content management specialist and Co-Publisher for Aviation Books with Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd. She is recently handling publication of an inspiring book “Most Influential Aviation Professionals”. Her aim is to acknowledge the phenomenally adventurous Aviation Professionals by providing them a platform through which one can showcase their high flying talent. Because she believes “Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is pure passion and desire; which fill a lifetime“.

She has also forwarded her foots towards Insight Enhancement by becoming a Blogger. She owns a personal blog “Enhanceinsightwithpreeti” inspiring knowledge seeker. Her areas of niches are motivation, work-life balance, parenting, health and fitness, personal development, humanity and much more.  By sharing her real-life learned lessons through her blog she is successfully grabbing the attention of many viewers. She believes in “Keep on learning from life every day”.

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