The Yak40 is the 1st Soviet Short Range Jet Airliner

The Yak40 is the 1st Soviet Short Range Jet Airliner and the 1st civil Aircraft from Yakovlev design bureau. Because of its 

small size and black smoke from its Engines it was called “cigarette butt””, and for its great fuel consumption – “Fuel fighter”. 

But anyway this Airplane shows itself as simple thing to fly and maintenance and reliable in flight. It could takeoff when one 

of her engines fails and continue to fly even after two of its 3 Engines failed.
The Yak40 finally replaces the Il12 and Il14 in regional lines, which were completely Outdated it that time, and make a great 

competitor to the turboprop An24. Passengers love the Yak40 for its comfort, Pilots and Engineers for its simple use and 

maintenance. The Yak40 and An24 are still in use on many Regional lines in countries of ex USSR and neighbor.
Full complex of navigation system, including automatic directional finder ARK9
Yak40 is the first soviet airplane, designed to be controlled by two pilots and one engineer. But really it could be flown by 

only two.As all our Model, this one also have fully functional Virtual cockpit and Exterior, correct dynamics and systems
All systems and most calculations made by plugin, which starts Automatically, as plane being opened.The Yak-40 was the 

first jet powered Airliner in its class in service in large numbers anywhere in the World, preceding the ERJ-135 and 328JET by 

3 decades. Design of the Yak-40 resulted from a mid 1960s Aeroflot requirement for a replacement for the thousands of 

Lisunov Li-2s (Soviet built DC-3s), Ilyushin Il-12s and Il-14s (described separately) then in service. Aeroflot attached great 

significance to the Yak-40 program, as the Aircraft was intended to operate regional services that Accounted for 50% of 

Aeroflot's passenger traffic.

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